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Cover | Clara Borges

Dusk in San Francisco (oil on canvas). Clara Borges is the youngest daughter of an accomplished Spanish artist, Rosa Zamora. Borges was born in Madrid; before finishing her studies at Madrid’s prestigious School of Fine Arts of the Universidad Complutense, Borges had her first solo exhibition at the Centro Cultural Sierra Norte. Since then, Borges’s work has been shown at the Cité Internationale Des Arts in Paris, at the Cultural Center of Vallouise in the French Alps and she will soon have another exhibit at Espacio Para El Arte Caja, Madrid. Dusk in San Francisco is one of a set of paintings inspired during a recent visit to San Francisco. It was her first time in the Bay Area, and she fell in love with the city, the architecture and the optimism implicit in the design, light and color found there. Contact Borges at


November 2006 Issue:
Table of Contents

| In Good Spirits
There are craftsman who regard the simple chemistry of distillation as an art form, taking all that is pure and good from a substance as potentially deadly as alcohol and creating elixirs which capture the essence of life itself. These craftsmen know when to manipulate the product and when to relinquish control to the forces of nature. It’s not so magical and mysterious, if you know a little bit of chemistry. By Katherine Dittmann

Architexture | Looking Down on Creation
The Kaiser Building, a stunning edifice built on the shores of Oakland’s Lake Merritt, was ahead of its time in style and design—and as efficient and utilitarian as Henry J. Kaiser’s massive public works projects. By Lauri Puchall

Real Food | Upper Crust
The artisan bread business can be a backbreaking labor of love, but for the founders of these companies, it seems to be more love than labor. By Andrea Pflaumer

Shopping Around | Weathering the Elements
With colder months ahead, it’s time to keep the home fires burning. Get your windows repaired, your chimney cleaned, your heating ducts retaped and more. A guide for keeping warm this winter (and saving on heating bills as well). By Kate Madden Yee

The Kilduff File | Frank Portman
Bay Area author Frank Portman scores big with his young adult novel.
By Paul Kilduff



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