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Cover | Mary Ann Merker
Woman and Snake-Healing (color pencil on photo paper). This 2006 drawing by Emeryville artist Mary Ann Merker is part of her “Woman and Nature” series, which melds primal and straightforward drawing with technology. Merker scans and prints her original sketches and then draws over them to form a series that expresses many states of mind in one ongoing format. Her work has been exhibited in numerous shows and private collections, and has garnered prestigious awards for works on paper. She is currently Civic Arts Coordinator for the City of Berkeley and one of 87 artists featured in the 20th Annual Emeryville Art Exhibition, held October 7-29 at 5630 Bay Street, Emeryville. For information, call (510) 652-6122 or visit To reach the artist directly, e-mail


October 2006 Issue:
Table of Contents

FEATURE | Is Your Vote Safe?
Electronic voting systems may be full of glitches and vulnerable to hackers, but East Bay voters will likely find some of the controversial machines at polling places next month. The political tug-of-war over e-voting comes to a head with the race for secretary of state. By Tara Treasurefield

Up Front | California Dreaming
A circle is unbroken as Harvey Jones leaves his 36-year post at the Oakland Museum by leading a tribute to Arthur and Lucia Mathews, the painters he revived at his career debut. By Timothy Buckwalter

East Bay Life | Turning Over a New Leaf
An effort to remove trees in the East Bay isn’t as controversial as you’d think. The Claremont Canyon Conservancy is working with the University to clear 15,000 eucalyptus and other non-native plants from the Canyon. By Andrea Pflaumer

East Bay Life | Culinary Connections
A book about garlic sold from the trunk of a car was parlayed into a successful, Berkeley cookbook publishing company, and laid the groundwork for California cuisine. Now 15 years later, Aris Books celebrates its past with a reunion of its savory authors. By Melissa Swanson

First Person | Home Economics
Commuting between an affordable home in Sonoma and an established business in Oakland, our writer was burning herself out while burning up the rubber. Now eight years at the wheel, she’s found a way to live the urban life and keep her bucolic weekends. By Jill Koenigsdorf

Shopping Around | Estate of Affairs
If death and taxes are the only things that are certain in life, estate planning can help you prepare for the first and minimize the second. Our guide explains how you can avoid probate, the difference between a will and a trust, and when you should consider long-term care insurance. By Andrea Pflaumer

The Kilduff File | Stephan Pastis
Local boy makes it big with Rat and Pig. By Paul Kilduff.
By Paul Kilduff



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