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Cover | Carlotta A. Tormey 

Surfs Up, Venus (watercolor and pencil). Carlotta Tormey was born into a family of fine and commercial artists. Her parents met while students at the California College of the Arts and her uncle designed sets for the San Francisco Opera. As an art history student, Tormey learned to copy works by masters, and she has used this skill to create wine labels in the impressionistic style of Monet and a series of paintings inspired by fairy tales. She works in Oakland and accepts commissions for portraits, murals, posters, and children’s book illustrations. She can be reached at (510) 451-3423 or



July 2006 Issue: Table of Contents

FEATURE | Food Pyramid
We’ve devoted this issue to food—as a commodity, as part of our ecosystem, and, of course, as a sensual pleasure that sustains us. We checked in with three of the country’s most provocative thinkers about food—right here in the East Bay. Pull up a chair and join us.

• FOOD WARRIOR | While researching his latest book, about the industrialization of food in the U.S., Michael Pollan hunted a wild boar and barbecued it. “We have three food votes a day,” he writes. “If you cast one of them in a thoughtful manner, you’ll be making a tremendous contribution because that is how alternative food chains are built.” By Paul Kilduff

FREESTYLE COOKERY | What good are markets filled with organic produce if only a few can afford the prices? Chef and author Bryant Terry writes about the resurgence of food co-ops and buying-clubs, where high-quality food is sold just above wholesale cost. By Rachel Sarah

FULL MOON RISING | A modern-day forager, Jessica Prentice hunts for food from local producers and tries to eat seasonally. Prentice shares her knowledge with guests at feasts, sometimes serving only food found within a 100-mile radius. The most difficult things to find? Pastured chicken, good salt, and pepper. By Angela Hunnicutt

REAL FOOD | Boys and Grills
Creative grillers know there’s delicious eating beyond hot dogs and hamburgers, but have they ventured to try grilled papaya, fish, and tempeh yet? Today’s backyard chefs have a rainbow of grillables to choose from, with marinades to make the most stalwart bottled-sauce fan salivate. By Melissa Swanson

Don’t feel guilty about loving ice cream. George Washington, it is said, spent a hefty $200 on icy treats one summer. We in the East Bay can choose from chain and venerable local institutions that churn out creamy confections. Here’s the scoop on a handful of newcomers, offering up everything from gourmet vanilla to exotic chocolate jalapeño. By Andrea Pflaumer

The Kilduff File | John Caine
Nobody forgets to tip this barkeep twice.
By Paul Kilduff



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