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Cover | Colette

Whose to Take (oil/alkyd on linen). Colette (aka Colette Denton) has always been compelled to respond to the excluded and dispossessed. She is drawn to the portrayal of animals as "throwaways," and often portrays them in her work alone–"in jeopardy, up against a profound darkness," says the Oakland-born artist. As we gaze at them, they gaze back at us, "revealing us to ourselves." Colette is represented by the SFMOMA Artists Gallery. Her work can be seen by appointment only, (510) 644-3499, during East Bay Open Studios, beginning June 3, or by visiting



June 2006 Issue: Table of Contents

FEATURE | Character Building
There’s something romantic about the act of handwriting. When we write we can sense the history and meaning behind each letter–their shapes and the work our hands and brains do to make them. Some experts even say that specialized handwriting can change our behavior. But can this ancient art survive the rush of the digital age? By Christine Schoefer

Up Front | Red Wine and Blues
They share the same age, taste in cars, and political views. Now wine maven Kermit Lynch and his friend blues rocker Boz Scaggs have inspired each other to trade talents. Lynch recently released a CD of his original blues tunes, with Scaggs in the band, and the rocker has produced his first blends from his own Napa Valley grapes. By Andrew Gilbert

In Faro’s Garden | A Flower for All Occasion
On a stroll through the spring garden with his new niece, Faro reflects on the calla lily: a bloom so appropriate at both weddings and funerals, but which seems to terrify his young walking companion. By R.E. Faro

Travelogue | In Steinbeck’s Footsteps
If you haven’t been to Monterey recently, June is the month to go. Step back in time during this month’s history celebrations: tours of the adobe outposts of Spain, colorful celebrations of the region’s immigrants, and an authentically musty 19th-century ship’s cabin. By Laura Cameron

Shopping Around | Adrenaline Adventures
No disrespect to golf and tennis, but this month we turn up the volume, extolling the high-octane virtues of skydiving, kiteboarding, and paintball. For you and the dad in your life–get out and push the limits. By Andrea Pflaumer

The Kilduff File | Al Martinez
Newspaperman and Oakland native shares his martini recipe. By Paul Kilduff



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