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Cover | Susan Sanford

Secret Spring (digital collage). Susan Sanford is an East Bay illustrator, sculptor, and frequent contributor to The Monthly. She owes a big debt to Czech animator Jan Svankmajer for inspiring Secret Spring, which was generated on the computer using old engravings and a china plate (the circular window). To see more of what Susan does with china, see her mosaic sculpture at She will show her work June 3-4 and 10-11 as part of East Bay Open Studios from her studio/garden. To receive postcard notification of Susan’s shows, e-mail her at



May 2006 Issue: Table of Contents

FEATURE | Behind the Scenes
Like a sunny spring breeze, the artists of this month’s East Bay Open Studios offer fresh approaches, original ideas, and authentic inspiration. See how some of the East Bay’s most original artists work and catch a glimpse of creativity in action. By Timothy Buckwalter

Up Front | Girls at Work
Techbridge, a free after-school science program in East Bay public schools, teaches girls how to dissect worms, build solar Lego cars, and play with high-tech toys. Underneath the fun, girls discover careers in science, technology, and engineering. By Reese Erlich

EAST BAY LIFE | Trend Spotter
Bill Owens has an eye for the future. His book of photographs, Suburbia, captured the 1970s in all its shag-carpeted glory, and his microbrewery in Hayward was one of the first to pioneer fresh, brewed-on-the-spot beer for the masses. What’s next?
By Paul Kilduff

FIRST PERSON | Shooting the Moon
A young mother, in the throes of diapering and drudgery, describes watching her own mother’s late-life discovery of love. Sure she wants her mom to be happy, but she also wants a doting grandma for her kids. By Christine Schoefer

Shopping Around | Landscape Masters
Rock patios, lush tropical grottoes, sculpture gardens, or steep hillside waterfalls—the East Bay’s talented landscape and hardscape designers can transform your backyard into the paradise it’s meant to be. By Kate Rix

The Kilduff File | Thacher Hurd
Meet the hand that holds the pen behind Art Dog. By Paul Kilduff



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