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Cover | Elena Zolotnitsky

Middlesex (oil and gold leaf on canvas). This painting’s name is a tribute to the novel by Jeffrey Eugenides (Middlesex and The Virgin Suicides). The face is from Zolotnitsky’s imagination. Elena Zolotnitsky, Russian born, lives and paints in Oakland. Locally her work is on display at the Barbara Anderson Gallery in Berkeley, (510) 848-3822, and at the Blue Room Gallery in San Francisco as part of a Holiday Group Show, (415) 282-8411. A catalogue of Zolotnitsky’s new work is available at Barbara Anderson Gallery or by e-mailing Middlesex is currently on display at B. Boeltz Gallery in Denver, (303) 623-3036; More of her work can be viewed at


January 2006 Issue: Table of Contents

FEATURE | Hard to Swallow
Beginning January 1, changes in Medicare law threaten to send low-income people with HIV into even more dire straits. As local caregivers struggle to help the ill understand the new Medicare rules, they also look south, to Brazil, for hopeful lessons in successful AIDS care and education. By Reese Erlich

Up Front | Poetic License
With her new anthology, Berkeley photographer Margaretta Mitchell has created her own kind of poetry, with innovative images of America’s most notable living poets. By Mike Rosen-Molina

East Bay Life | Ninety Minutes of Freedom After years of meeting at the same field for regular games of soccer, a local team decides to play the team at San Quentin Prison. One lockdown later, they penetrate the big house and find justice in the game. By Ian Thomas Earle

Shopping Around | Grooming the Bride
If your vow to find a beautiful wedding dress is wavering, we’ve got you covered. Whether you tend toward showing more skin or decking out in vintage glamour, the look should be uniquely you. By Kate Madden Yee

The Kilduff File | Emily the Strange
The world is too sunny for this sullen waif. By Paul Kilduff




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