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Cover | Blagojce Stojanovski

The Last Leaves (acrylic). Gift Guide Cover (p. 19): The Night Before (acrylic). Blagojce Stojanovski is a Macedonian artist whose work is acclaimed by international critics. His art embodies a wide variety of media, including frescos, murals, painting, illustrations, printmaking, and sculpture. His favorite subject is the human figure with themes ranging from abstract to ecclesiastical. In 2003, Stojanovski supervised a mural of John Steinbeck–the largest mural in California. He established Carmel Valley Art Center and Carmel Valley Art Academy in 2004 where his art is on permanent exhibit. Stojanovski’s work has been shown in galleries throughout Europe, Australia, Canada, and the U.S., and is owned by private collectors. Recently, he has been working on drawings, paintings, and etchings of children’s scenes of immigration from Eastern Europe, especially Macedonia from 1960 through recent times.
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December 2005 Issue: Table of Contents

FEATURE | Common Ground
Living alone has its advantages, but when approaching retirement, living with others–either peers or in an intergenerational community–offers many benefits: separate residences, shared meals, and easy access to companionship and community. For baby boomers, cohousing might be the wave of the future. By Lauri Puchall

Up Front | Thanks. A Lot.
How did "thank you" lose its meaning? We are thanked for holding on the phone, for not smoking, and for "choosing" SBC. In this season of giving thanks, we ponder how to put the meaning back into feeling grateful. By Christine Schoefer

East Bay Life | Free-For-All

Off the spending radar is a world of exchange without cash (or credit). On members can give away and get electronics, clothing, art, and even cars. The point? Score for free, and get rid of your extra stuff without stuffing the landfill. By Paul Kilduff

in faro’s garden | Going Wild
Winter settles into the garden, taking the last dried blossoms and leaves with it. But something lurks in the damp foliage leaving a trail of mystery that sends Faro on a wild hunt. By R.E. Faro

real food | The Big Cheese
Toss that green canister of "parmesan" sawdust. Our traveling chef tells the story of the real Parmigiano-Reggiano and how artisans make this handcrafted cheese in the hills surrounding the Italian city of Parma. By Bruce Aidells

Shopping Around | Well Covered
Cotton, wool, fleece, and even wood fibers: For winter nights (and gifts), choose from the most luxurious bedding and loungewear to keep the home fires burning. By Kate Madden Yee

The Kilduff File | Mr. Green
Meet the judge of all things environmentally correct. By Paul Kilduff


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