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Cover | Gail Machlis

We All Love the Pumpkin Man (gouache and watercolor). Gail Machlis is the creator of the daily syndicated cartoon panel "Quality Time" which ran for ten years in daily newspapers, including the San Francisco Chronicle and San Jose Mercury News. Machlis majored in French at U.C. Berkeley and began drawing cartoons seriously in 1988, after leaving a writing program at Mills College. She is currently writing and illustrating children’s books and doing freelance illustration. Her cards and original paintings are available at her Fourth Street studio in Berkeley. She is represented by Bookstop Literary Agency and can be reached at


November 2005 Issue: Table of Contents

FEATURE | Home Sweet Home
Where the heart is, where you hang your hat, where you want to be . . . home is in the eye of the beholder. Autumn asks us to hunker down, trim away all but the essentials, and reflect on where we are. Four writers tell fresh stories about home–the ones they’ve lost, made, or found in unlikely places.  By Diana Divecha, Annie Kassof, Heather Lockman, and Risa Nye

FEATURE | Confessions of an Urban Beekeeper
Remember when you could meditate to the drone of humming honeybees in the summer and fall? No more. Mites are reducing honeybee populations to near-extinction levels in some places. Which makes the backyard hives of local beekeepers into something like apiarian sanctuaries. By Jack Mingo

Up Front | Pigment of the Imagination
An artist with a living canvas, C.W. Eldridge wants Americans to understand the history of tattooing–not just a postwar fad but part of a European immigrant tradition–and his San Pablo Avenue archive is the place to be inked and educated. By Timothy Buckwalter

Shopping Around | Facial Features
Surgery is one way to change your face, but not all "face-lifts" require going under the knife. Read about the latest wrinkles in wrinkle-removal: microdermabrasion, filler injections, chemical peels. By Andrea Pflaumer

The Kilduff File | Stacey Samuels
The deal on that A’s fan with the propeller baseball cap and rainbow capeBy Paul Kilduff


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