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cover | Blagojce Stojanovski

Libyan Sibyl (fresco). Blagojce Stojanovski was born in 1961 in Macedonia. As a young man he directed the restoration of ancient churches in the Macedonian county of Bitola, his hometown. He later moved to the island of Krk in Croatia, where he worked to restore one of the oldest Catholic churches in the Balkan area. He moved to the United States in 1988 and lives in Monterey. He works in all mediums, including bronze, wood, marble, printmaking, drawing, and painting. His style ranges from abstract to ecclesiastical; Libyan Sibyl was inspired by one of Michelangelo’s paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. His reproductions in the manner of the Old Masters can be seen on the walls and canvases of many private and commercial buildings throughout Palm Springs, Monterey county, and Pebble Beach. For more about Stojanovski, visit


October 2005 Issue: Table of Contents

FEATURE | East Bay Outlook
For 35 years The Monthly has led local coverage of the region’s culture. For our special anniversary issue we turned to the East Bay’s innovators–in food, politics, business, and culture–to find out what we all can expect to be reading and writing about 35 years from now.

Up Front | Outsiders In
Many artists work alone, preferring their own company while grappling with the muse. But for the artists at Oakland’s Creative Growth Center, the energy of the studio and the support of Center staff are life saving. These artists are mentally and/or physically disabled and the Creative Growth Center offers them community and opportunity. By Timothy Buckwalter

Looking Back | Changing of the Guard
In the East Bay, commerce and idealism may always be partners in a challenging tango. In this article, originally published in our 10th anniversary issue in 1980, we get a look at the early days of that dance and how the activist generation of the 1970s morphed into today’s visionary merchants. By Wendy Cohen

Shopping Around | Sitting Pretty
The new classics don’t replace the old ones, they just give us all more choices. We offer up ten standard business models with an innovative twist–cool places to listen to music, drink tea, watch a movie, practice yoga, and more. By Michael Wade Simpson

The Kilduff File | Paul Kilduff
Our columnist reckons with the man in the mirror. By Paul Kilduff

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