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COVER by Charles Lewis

Yellow Monkeys #2 (oil on canvas). Charles Lewis is sometimes associated with the hip underground art movement called Pop Surrealism, known for its strange humor and imaginary or juxtaposed objects. His latest series, the Toy Portraits, uses a formal still life style to depict antique toys and folk art objects from his travels set against the quirkiness of his surrealist leanings. Yellow Monkeys #2 features an old pair of carved wooden monkeys he rescued one day from the chaos of a market in Kathmandu. Monkeys are an ancient motif in Nepalese folk art. It’s hard, however, to find the truly old ones, especially in the original matched pairs because they are easily damaged and separated. "These yellow monkeys have real charm, with their gentle, enigmatic, yet curious and questioning smiles," Lewis says. Charles Lewis’s art is available at the Mendocino Art Center and can be seen at

June Issue: Table of Contents

F E A T U R E :

Father Figures

by Risa Nye, Christine Parsons, and Rachel Sarah

Three women explore the faces of Dad—the dreamer, the dandy, and the doter—and discover his lasting imprint on their adulthood.


EAST BAY LIFE — Seedlings of Change
by Lauri Puchall

Horticulturist Annie Hayes cultivated a love for uncommon botanicals into the blossoming business Annie’s Annuals.

FARO’S GARDEN — Snail Pose  
by R.E. Faro

Kill a snail, save a flower. Our yoga-limber gardener confronts his inner murderer when faced with an army of magnolia-munching mollusks.

SHOPPING AROUND — Let the Sun Shine In
Amy Gillespie

The money it costs up front to put solar panels on your roof might flow back like the warm sunshine through an open window.


UP FRONT — Family Style
Jonathan Kiefer

Eating a meal together strengthens the family bond. What about making art together? A new program in Oakland builds community pride by bringing families together to paint, draw, and sculpt.

CRITIC’S CHOICE Tunes in the crypt on the Summer Solstice Films from the frontiers of gender identity Kabuki classic at Zellerbach Ballet by a Russian genius Art for the visually challenged.

Shop Talk News about great shops and restaurants in your neighborhood.

DINING GUIDE  The Monthly’s menu of local restaurants.

MARKETPLACE The Monthly’s catalog of goods and services.

The Kilduff FileOhmega Man

Ohmega Salvage owner Steve Drobinsky reminisces about dumpster diving.

Kartoon Korner  Cartoons from around the country.



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