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COVER by Bert Monroy

Oyster Bar (digital painting). Berkeley artist Bert Monroy was a traditional painter until the introduction of the Macintosh computer in 1984. He is now considered one of the pioneers of digital art. He shares his paintings with others in the hope that they will stop, look around, take a deep breath, and leave all other distractions aside. He has taught at the School of Visual Arts in New York and California College of the Arts. He currently teaches at San Francisco State University. In his most recent books, Commercial Photoshop with Bert Monroy and Photoshop Studio with Bert Monroy, he shares his secrets for creating digital paintings. He can be contacted via e-mail at His work can be viewed at his Web site and at Bucci’s restaurant in Emeryville from February 26 to March 25.


February Issue 2005

F E A T U R E :

Ciao, Friskies by Mike Rosen-Molina

Life isn’t always easy at the top of the food chain. Questions about the healthfulness and ethics of eating other animals can haunt even the most voracious meat lover. For those who go vegan or vegetarian, the treatment of farmed animals usually tops the list of reasons. But here’s another wrinkle: What about pets? Do they need meat, or will a can of beans keep a shine on their coat and a frisk in their step?


REAL FOOD by Laurel Miller
It’s one thing to give flowers for Valentine’s and another to serve them up on a plate. But herbs and flowers have been consumed over the millennia for both their medicinal and aphrodisiacal benefits. Today’s chefs are using botanicals in desserts to make heart-stopping confections. Give your beloved a box of flower-infused sweets or cook some up yourself with our recipes.

SHOPPING AROUND by Brian Kluepfel
In cold weather or warm, there’s nothing like a huddle around the game board to bring family and friends together. Score some fun on a tried-and-true classic or try your luck at the imaginative new titles coming out of European game companies.



UP FRONT: People, Arts, Issues

Food: The East Bay may be home to some of the world’s best coffee, but for one aficionado it just isn’t good enough. This espresso addict has made an unofficial career out of learning to prepare the perfect–perfect–espresso and has browbeaten so many waiters he’s lost most of his dining companions. But he can quit anytime he wants.

Critic’s Choice for February: Hyper-real realism at Bucci’s; Black choreographers come together; Films out of Africa; East Bay Diaspora trumpeter returns; Hilda sends up the tyranny of tyrants.

DINING GUIDE The Monthly’s menu of local restaurants.

MARKETPLACE The Monthly’s catalog of goods and services.


The Kilduff File: Chocolate maker John Scharffenberger on raising the bar.

Kartoon Korner: Cartoons from around the country.

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