The Monthly :: Covers 2019

January 2019
Chelsea Ryoko Wong
Lots of Women
Print available
February 2019
David Lance Goines
Year of the Boar
Print available
March 2019
Laura Regan
Golden Oldie
Call for availability
April 2019
Kota Azawa
Modernist Folksong
Call for availability

May 2019
Shimura Tatsumi
Marumage (Hairstyle of married woman)
(Japanese woodblock print)

Call for availability


June 2019
Guy Buffet
A Fine Bordeaux,
2005 (one of four limited edition giclee prints in the La Couple Suite)

Print not available

July 2019
Ilya Zomb
Warming Up Before the Butterfly Stretch
(oil on canvas)

Call for availability

August 2019
Marisa Diaz
(acrylic on canvas)

Call for availability

September 2017

September 2019
Naomi Binger
(acrylic paint)
Print available


October 2019

M. Louise Stanley
Happy Birthday
Call for availability


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