The Monthly :: Covers 2018

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January 2018
Rene Magritte
Le blanc-seing
(color lithograph)
Print not available
February 2018
David Lance Goines
Year of the Dog (solid-color blockprint)
Print available
March 2018
Holly Van Hart
Forest Reverie (oil painting on canvas)
Print available

April 2018
Gerry Traucht
Ambassador (photo)
Print available

May 2018
Donald Farnsworth
Face No.12 after Rogier van der Weyden, 2000
(mixed media, chine collé)

Print available


June 2018
Dana DeKalb
Catch and Release,
2018 (acrylic on polyester)

Print available

July 2018
Alejandro Rivera
(oil on canvas)

Print available

August 2018
Jim Dine
Night and Martha Broderick
(oil and charcoal on linen canvas)

Print not available

September 2017

September 2018
Natalie Jeng
Macaron Self-Portrait
(acrylic paint)
Print available


October 2018

Christine FitzGerald
Clear Eyes, Full Heart
(digital print on canvas)
Call for availability


November 2018

Stuart Dunkel
(oil painting on board)
Call for availability


December 2018
Ilya Zomb
Innate Love of Golden Threads
(oil on canvas)

Print not available

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